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The Dispensation for the Resurrection of Spirit Persons

Returning Resurrection of Spirit Persons
Countless people have already passed on to the spirit world, and not one has ever perfected himself while on earth in his physical self. How can these spirit persons be resurrected? A person's spirit self can neither grow nor be resurrected apart from the physical self. So for those in the spirit world to be resurrected, they must return to earth and fulfill the responsibility that they left unaccomplished during their physical life. they accomplish this by cooperating with people on earth and working through others' physical selves to help them to fulfill their mission. This is the reason that Jude 1:14 says that in the Last Days '... the Lord came with his holy myriads ...".
In what manner do the spirit persons cooperate with persons on earth to accomplish God's Will? When a person on earth, through prayer or spiritual activities, happens to form a base conductive to spiritual communication and partnership, then a spirit person will return and begin to cooperate with that person on earth by Give and Take Action with his spirit self. The spirit person helps the person on earth to receive revelations or to have deep experiences of truth, and sometimes helps him to experience other spiritual phenomena such as the power to cure diseases, the ability to prophesy, or spiritual fire.
Returning Resurrection of Spirit Persons Who Believed in God
Jesus' age two thousand years ago and the time when Christ returns in the Last Days are both special times when all the faithful on earth can be spiritually elevated (in accordance with the Dispensation for Restoration). Especially since these are the times when God's Word of re-creation appears anew (as the gospel and the new words
respectively), then according to the principles of resurrection these times are the most significant opportunities -- opportunities when man's spirit self can be resurrected at an accelerated rate. Therefore, in Jesus' time the form spirits of the Old Testament Age,
who had dealt only with the Law, all longed to return and meet the condition of cooperating with the faithful on earth.
Since Elijah appeared as a spirit person to Jesus and his disciples on the mount of the Transfiguration (Mt 17:3), it is clear that Elijah is in the spirit world. Yet, Jesus indicated that John the Baptist, who was on earth, was Elijah (Mt 17:12,13; 11:14). In light of the principles of resurrection we can understand that Elijah had returned in order to complete the mission that he had left unaccomplished while on earth by cooperating with John the Baptist. According to the principles governing returning resurrection, the physical self of John.
Matthew 27:52 says that when Jesus died on the cross many saints rose from their tombs. This is also a phenomenon of the resurrection of spirit persons -- resurrection of those who had developed a form
spirit while on earth. By cooperating with those on earth who believe in and attend the Lord of the Second Coming and by helping them to become divine spirit selves, spirit persons of the life spirit level (Paradise) can receive the same benefits and themselves become divine spirits.
Hebrews 11:39-41 says, "And all these [saints of the Old Testament age], though well attested by their faith, did not receive what was promised [admission to the Kingdom of Heaven], since God had foreseen something better [the Kingdom of Heaven] for us [persons on earth], that apart from us they [spirit persons] should not be made perfect". These words demonstrate the principles of returning resurrection.
The Returning Resurrection of All Other Spirit Persons
The spirit persons who believed in religions other than Judaism and Christianity when they passed away also must return and cooperate with people on earth -- with those who are of their respective religions. It is with them that they can easily form a reciprocal base.
Good spirit people who lived conscientiously while on earth, though not religiously, return and cooperate with good people on earth who have similar spiritual levels and circumstances.

Matthew 25:41 mentions the devil and his angels. In this passage, 'His [the devil's] angels' includes evil spirit persons. For evil spirit persons also, there is no way to be resurrected except through returning resurrection, which is possible only in certain ages. But evil spirit persons cannot descend to earth simply as they wish, and even if they do descend, they do not necessarily receive the benefits of returning resurrection through the Second Coming, their work must first meet the indemnity condition [2] that fulfills God's will to eradicate their sins through punishing them.

Returning Resurrection and the Theory of Reincarnation

God works to accomplish the total Dispensation for Restoration by calling many individuals and giving each the portion of work that is suitable for him. As the Dispensation progresses and a new central person is chosen for a mission, God progressively broadens the scale of the dispensation, expanding it from the individual level to the levels of the family, the nation, and the world.

A person who dies without completing his mission must return and cooperate with a person on earth who has the same type of mission and the same spiritual disposition. From this mission-oriented viewpoint, the physical self of the person on earth becomes the physical self for the returning spirit person as well. In this sense, the person on earth becomes the "second coming" of the returning spirit person. When viewed with spiritual eyes, the person on earth could seem to be the reincarnation of the spirit person who is cooperating with him.
For this reason in the Last Days many people will appear claiming to be Elijah, Buddha, Confucius, or the Olive Tree. It would seem that the theory of transmigration, or reincarnation, is the result of interpreting what is happening based on appearances, without knowing the principles of returning resurrection.

Unification of Religions by Returning Resurrection
Based on what was already explained in the section on the returning resurrection of spirit people, we can see that life spirit level spirit persons, who are in Paradise, must inevitably return to earth and cooperate with the faithful at the time of the Second Coming. The time and type of help that a person on earth receives from a spirit person vary depending on the person's attitude, faith, and disposition and the merits of his ancestors. Yet those who have strong faith will ultimately be led by spirit persons to the Lord at the Second Coming, where they can devote themselves to the Will of God. Since all of the most faithful will gather around the Lord through the influence of spirit people, the unification of Christianity will be naturally realized at the time of the Second Coming.
As will be discussed in the section on central and peripheral histories (in "Second Coming"), Christianity is not a religion for Christians alone; it is the central religion with the mission of accomplishing the ultimate purpose of all religions which pursue goodness. Accordingly, those believers of various religions who have passed on to the spirit world will return to those of their own faith who are on earth and lead them to the Lord of the Second Coming. Yet the time when each person is connected with the central religion will vary according to the spiritual level of the spirit person
and the beliefs and degree of faith of the person on earth. Even though believers of the various religions may have had no communication with each other up until now, through the influence of spirit people, all the faithful of the various religions are destined to unite centered on the Lord of the Second Coming.

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