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The Resurrection of Earthly Men
The Three Stages in the Dispensation for Resurrection
God began his dispensation for resurrection with Adam's family, which had fallen into the non-Principle realm. However, since persons in Adam's and Noah's families failed to carry out their responsibilities, resurrection itself did not begin until Abraham's family. So in retrospect the two thousand year period from Adam to Abraham ended up being the period during which only the foundation for God's dispensation for resurrection was established. Thus, this period is called the 'Dispensational Age of the Foundation for Resurrection'.
On this foundation, God carried out the formation stage of the dispensation for resurrection, which again, because of man's repeated failures, ended up taking two thousand years, from Abraham to Jesus. People on earth who received the merits of the age of formation stage resurrection were to fulfill their responsibility by keeping and living the Old Testament Law, the formation stage Word of re-creation. Since people were to be justified by their practice of the Law (Word), this age is called the 'age of justification by keeping the law'.

If a person fulfilled that responsibility, based on his physical self, his spirit self would grow through the formation stage of resurrection and become a form spirit. When a person who has attained the form spirit level on earth leaves his physical self, his spirit self goes to live at the 'form spirit level of the spirit world'.

Complete resurrection should have taken place through Jesus, the Messiah; however, because of man's failure to accept Jesus, the period after his death has been the period for only growth stage resurrection. Because of the Israelites' faithlessness toward Jesus,
Jesus was crucified and the completion of the dispensation for resurrection was delayed until the Second Coming. In retrospect, we can see that the period from Jesus' time up to the time of his Second Coming has been the 'age for' only 'growth stage resurrection'.
During this age, people on earth could receive the merits of the age of growth stage resurrection and carry out their responsibility by believing and living the New Testament, God's growth stage Word of re- creation.

Therefore, this age is called the 'age of justification by faith'. People of that age could pass through the growth stage of resurrection and attain the life spirit level by believing and living the New Testament Word. When a person who has attained the life spirit level leaves his physical self, he goes to live in Paradise, which is the 'life spirit level of the spirit world'.
The 'Dispensational Age of the Completion Stage Resurrection' will be completed with the resurrection of both spirit and body[1] (spirit self and physical self) by the Messiah at the Second Coming. The Messiah will bring the Completed Testament, which is to bring about the fulfillment of the Old Testament and the New Testament. People on
earth can receive the merits of the age of completion state resurrection by accomplishing their responsibility to believe in and incarnate the new Word and directly attend the Messiah with full sincerity of heart. Therefore, the age is called the 'age of
justification by attendance'. When a person believes in and attends the Messiah at the Second Coming, his spirit self reaches the perfection level of resurrection and becomes a divine spirit. The place on earth where the people of this divine spirit stage live is called the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. When a perfected person living in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth leaves his physical self, he goes to live in the 'Kingdom of Heaven in the spirit world', which is the region of the spirit world belonging to divine spirits.
Spiritual Phenomena Occurring in the Last Days
Man fell from the perfection level of the growth stage. As man enters the Last Days, he enters the age in which he can restore himself to the perfection level of the growth stage. By believing and living the Word of the New Testament Age, a person's spirit self can attain the perfection level of the growth stage, the position of man immediately
prior to the Fall.

The Last Days is when man restores on a world-wide scale the level just prior to the Fall -- the life spirit level, which is the level at which Adam attained the ability to deeply communicate with God. For this reason, in the Last Days, as the top of the growth stage is approached there will be many people who develop the ability to communicate with the spirit world. Seeing things from this viewpoint we can understand God's promise to pour out his spirit on all flesh in
the Last Days (Acts 2:17).
In the Last Days, there will be many people who receive the revelation, "You are Lord". This does not mean that they are the Lord of the Second Coming, but means that they are being re-established in the position of lord of the Creation, that position having been lost because of the Fall of Adam. In other words, they are restoring the level of spiritual development that Adam had reached just prior to the Fall.

Just as John the Baptist was to prepare the way for Jesus, there will be many people with various missions who are to prepare the way for the Lord of the Second Coming. Since these persons responsible for certain missions represent the Lord of the Second Coming, they each receive the revelation, "You are the Lord", though they may be working in an age or in a field different from that of the Lord. If at such a time a person receiving the spiritual communication does not understand the principle behind it and mistakenly thinks that he is the Lord of the Second Coming and acts as if he is the Lord, he becomes an antichrist. This is the reason for the biblical prophecy that many antichrists will appear in the Last Days.

Also, although people capable of spiritual communication communicate with the same spirit world, since the spiritual level, circumstances, and individual character are different in each spiritually open person, the level of the spirit world with which they communicate and the contents of the revelations they receive differ from one another (1 Cor 15:41, 12:8-10).




Because of this there is often disagreement and conflict among spiritualists. Especially since they have only a vertical relationship with God and are responsible for only one part of the entire Dispensation for Restoration, they are often ignorant of their horizontal relationship with others who have spiritual communication. Since each is the best in his particular area of responsibility, God gives each the revelation "You are the best" to encourage him to do his best. Yet, because they do not know the whole picture of what God is doing, they often conflict with one another. The confusion among those who can communicate spiritually will be cleared up by the new expression of truth, which will explain the overall purpose of the dispensation for Restoration. Based on this
complete understanding, spiritualists will be able to achieve reciprocal, horizontal harmony, in addition to vertical harmony with God. Their abilities should fit in with the purpose of the whole. -more-

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