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Structure and Function of the Comos
  • Subject and Object
  • Universal Prime Force
  • Giving and Receiving Action
  • Individual Truth Bodies
  • True Love
  • The Four Position Foundation
  • Triple Objective Purpose
  • The Family Unit
  • 4 Position Foundation in Creation
The universe is not a random grouping of disassociated entities moving aimlessly through time and space, but rather a finely-balanced system of interrelated beings which interact in an orderly fashion, guided by a unifying purpose. If this were not so, there would be no basis for science, which presupposes the existence of common elements and universal laws in the cosmos and works to identify and understand them. However, science cannot provide a complete picture of reality without a complementary understanding of the internal dimensions of the creation. As shown in the previous chapter, the order and harmony of the universe result from the character and purpose with which God endowed the invisible, internal elements of creation. It is the external manifestations of these internal realities which are known to science.

Subject and Object
The dual characteristics of any creation exist in dynamic relationship with each other. In order for there to be interaction between them, one must initiate the relationship and the other respond. The initiator is the subject and the responding partner an object.

God is the Prime Subject, the creation His object. Within the creation, humans are subject to all other beings, which, in turn, are ordered into hierarchies of subject-object relations. Through this chain of being, all creations are connected to the Creator, God, the source of existence and life, and the various individual creations are tied into a harmonious whole. As subject of the whole cosmos, God is the internal character to the creation's external form, the masculine initiator to creation's responsive, feminine nature. 
The myriad subject-object interactions within each level of creation maintain and develop each subdivision of nature. For example, protons, neutrons and electrons interact to form atoms; cations and anions combine to form molecules; most plants multiply through cross-pollination between stamens and pistils; and most animals multiply through mating between males and females. In addition to these same-level interactions, the various levels of creation are linked to each other in a hierarchy centered on, human beings, as in food chains, for example. In this way, the diverse species, families and kingdoms of creation are connected to God and His purpose for creation through humans.
Furthermore, every created being exists through the maintenance of subject-object relations between its component parts. Thus, a human being maintains life through millions of subject-object relationships: between cells, organs, limbs, nerve and circulatory systems, and so on. The heart and lungs interact to bring oxygen into the bloodstream, while the arteries and veins circulate the blood throughout the body. The central and peripheral nervous systems coordinate the functions of the body, including the interaction of muscle and skeleton. In this example, nerves, directed by the brain, are subject and the muscles they control are their object. However, the muscles in turn are the subject of the bones. Every part of the human body fulfills its purpose through its subject-object relations with other parts.



Principle of Creation
- Co-Creatorship
- Dual Characteristics
- Universal Prime Force
- Give & Take Action
- 4 Position Foundation
- Three Blessings
- 3Stages of Growth
- InvisibleSubstantialWorld

Root of Evil

Messiah’s Purpose

Last Days


Restoration Principles


Second Coming




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