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The Mission of the Body
The physical world was created by God to sustain physical bodies. But the body has a limited life span, during which it must accomplish two vital functions: it must support the spirit's growth from infancy to full maturity; and through human reproduction it must enable the multiplication of spirit men and women. In performing these functions, the body enables human beings to realize their fundamental purpose and desire: to experience joy through the fulfillment of the three blessings. To accomplish its mission, the body itself is designed to experience physical joy, or pleasure.

Once the 'mission' of the body has been accomplished, it dies and returns to earth, where it disintegrates into its basic elements, never again to exist as a whole. When the body dies, the spirit departs from it and continues its life in the spiritual world in its eternal, discarnate state. The spirit is fully equipped for life in the spiritual world, having attributes that enable it to interact with other spirit persons and the spiritual counterpart to nature, as well as men and women on earth. Paralleling the five senses of the body, the spirit body has sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, with which it can know and enjoy the spiritual world.

There are a few people on earth who have their spiritual senses finely developed and in tune with their bodily senses, such that they are able to perceive and interact with the spiritual world at will. Some of these men and women are deeply religious, while others find themselves in possession of these abilities but do not attribute any particular significance to them. A third group uses its access to the spiritual world for selfish purposes, in negative forms of witchcraft, voodoo and the like.

Growth of the Spirit
Men and women grow to maturity through the interaction between the spirit and body, each of which takes in elements for growth from the other as well as from sources outside the human being. For the body, growth is achieved by taking in external elements from sunlight, air, food and drink as well as internal elements from the spirit. For the spirit, growth comes from receiving internal elements from God's love and truth as well as external elements from the body. The fundamental objective of spiritual growth is the perfection of parental love on the foundation of three stages in the maturation of love within the family (children's, sibling and conjugal love), as described in the previous chapter.

In the growing process, the body provides the spirit with vitality elements, the capacity to respond to instructions of the mind. Doing good deeds generates good vitality elements, whereas doing wrong produces evil vitality elements. The spirit needs good vitality elements for growth. People feel good when they do good, but, conversely, feel bad when they disobey God, because the spirit recognizes the quality of vitality elements it receives and reacts favorably to good and unfavorably to bad elements. In the same way that an unhealthy diet damages the body, bad vitality elements damage the spirit. Thus the spirit of a person who has lived an evil life is literally ugly. The spirit gives energy to the body as spirit elements. When inspired by love and truth, the spirit generates spirit elements that energize the body to do good.
Vitality and spirit elements are exchanged between body and spirit such that the internal character and external activities of a person always go hand in hand. A good life is built on good deeds, inspired by love and truth. Love and truth originate with God, and are given to human beings as the life element. In an ideal world they would naturally flow to individuals at one in heart with God. In the human state of disobedience and separation from God, however, religion exists to facilitate the flow of life elements. The essence of a religious life is the pursuit of love and truth. But God's love and truth can flow to men and women only to the extent that they share them with others through the dissemination of truth and the performance of good deeds. Receiving has to be reciprocated by giving, or the flow of love and truth is blocked and growth of the spirit is stunted. Through a life of service to others, balanced by study, contemplation, meditation and prayer, a man or woman of God grows in spiritual maturity. The greater the love and truth received from God, the greater the virtue of that person's words and deeds and the greater the stimulation of the spirit, enabling it to increase its capacity to receive yet more of God's life element.
On the other hand, insofar as the spirit is itself distant from God's love and truth, it is deprived of life elements and thereby prevented from growing. Consequently, the physical body is deprived of spirit elements. This is the spiritual equivalent of starvation. Worse than starving the body, though, is giving it poison. The spiritual equivalent of poison is evil spirit elements, passed to the body when the spirit has relations with evil spirits and is influenced by falsehood and hatred.

Ignorance or denial of God, or the hypocritical profession of God by one without faith, does not prevent the interaction of vitality and spirit elements, but it severely limits the scope for human growth. The life element, which comes from God, is the source of life and subject, over the spirit and vitality elements. It operates whether or not individuals recognize its existence, but ignorance of God prevents people from using it to maximum effect. This condition can be illustrated by the example of pre-industrial people living in ignorance of electricity and consequently existing without any of the benefits of that great energy source: they got shocked by static and lightning but lacked electric lighting and household appliances. Ignorance of God is, ultimately, devastating because it condemns humans to existence in a state of partial completion wherein they can never fulfill their true purpose or achieve complete relationships.

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