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The Growing Process

It is a universal principle that nothing begins existence in its completed, stable form; every living being achieves maturity through a process of growth and development. Mature human beings, with all their sophistication and multiple capabilities, start life as single fertilized cells, develop into the infant forms of a man or woman in the womb and then enter the larger world to grow to adulthood in a process that takes many years.

Three Stages of Growth
There are three fundamental stages in the growing period: formation, growth and completion. Only by completing three stages of growth can a being fulfill its proper place in the order of creation. The three stages are derived from the process
of creation itself, in which all things come into being through the three-step development of the four position foundation: (1) God originates all creations as the First Cause of all being; (2) God manifests as two divided but complementary entities, the subject and object; and (3) subject and object interact to produce a new oneness and a new creation. 
The number three represents completion in the creation. Nature is divided into three kingdoms: animal, vegetable and mineral; the physical world exists in three primary states: solid, liquid and gas; the many hues that adorn the creation are derived from three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. In nature's three kingdoms the three stages of growth are apparent. For example, a plant begins life as a seed which contains the biological blueprint for the development of an oak tree, rose or cabbage. In the formation stage the seed sprouts into an initial form of the completed plant, in the growth stage it takes on the plant's mature form, and in the completion stage it produces seeds from which new plants spring, completing the cycle of growth.
The Growth of Human Beings
Because of their spiritual nature, the growth of human beings differs from that of other beings. As essentially spiritual beings endowed with free will, their growth is the result of interaction between the spirit and body,a process of development controlled by human will, according to God's principles of growth. The body passes through a cycle of growth that parallels that of certain animals, but just as the body grows, so too must the spirit.
Once the body has completed its work and dies, the invisible but mature spirit continues to exist in the non-physical realm. For humankind, the purpose of physical growth during the limited life span of the body is to enable development of the eternal human spirit.

Human beings grow from birth to maturity through a period of 21 years for a man, 18 for a woman. This period of growth has three stages of seven years each (six each for a woman): the formation stage in early childhood, the growth stage during school age and the perfection stage during adolescence. The body and spirit are meant to grow in tandem through these three stages to reach completion.
As the human body grows, the spirit grows in its ability to give and receive love. The child begins life heavily dependent on his or her parents, and during this stage the child's spirit develops through receiving parents' love. During school age, the child explores the realms of mutual love in relationships with brothers and sisters, friends and playmates. The spirit matures during adolescence up to the point where a person is ready to enter into the responsibilities, commitments and intimacy of conjugal love in marriage. Furthermore, the spirit also grows through stages in its relationship to God and transcendent purpose. To be fully mature, the spirit must respond perfectly to God's love and live by God's absolute standard of beauty, truth and goodness. He or she comes to feel God's heart of compassion for the suffering of others and seeks to devote his or herself to the welfare of others and the world.


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