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Mohammad's 3nd Course of Restoration (Continuation of National Level)

Foundation of Substance (National Level)
The victory of faith (at Badr) allowed the Medianan Clan to assume the position of Abel on the Clan level. It now became their responsibility to extend the restoration foundation to the national level under the guidance of Prophet Mohammad. This they did through living and teaching Islam with forgiving love, patience, and humble service to all the surrounding Clans.

The surprise success of the Muslims in the Battle of Badr had a startling effect on the many neighboring tribes. It started them thinking that the Muslims were helped by somekind of a Supreme Being and resulted in many of them embracing Islam. Over the next 6 years, thousands of believers entered the Islamic faith because of the many victories gained against formidable attackers and through the patience teaching of Mohammad's disciples. This growth continued until finally the Islamic Clan was ready to return to Mecca and subjugate the Satan controlled idol worshipers.

In December 629 A.D. 10,000 Moslems marched to Mecca to put an end to Satan's constant attacks on Islam and to establish a God-centered-nation. They did not encamp until they reached Marr-uz-Zahran, a place only a few hours journey from Mecca. The Prophet then ordered huge fires to be lit in every camp. This gave the Quraish the impression that the strength of the Muslim army was considerably greater than it really was and they consequently surrendered without any attempt at resistance. It was a peaceful conquest without the shedding of blood.

After entering the city and assuring the people of no revenge, Mohammad promptly proceeded to the Kaba and cleaned it of it's idols. This Mohammad did by touching each idol of stone with his stick (which represented the stick that Moses struck evil with) and by reciting the Quranic verse:
"Say the Truth has (now) Arrived, and Falsehood perished: For Falsehood is (by it's nature) Bound to perish." (Bani Israil 81)
Next, the Prophet gave a sermon about the beautiful unity of God and about the underlying principle of unity between amn and man (about universal brotherhood). He then forgave everyone of their sins against Islam, irregardless of the graveness; for example Hinda (who ate the liver of Hamza - the Prophet's dear uncle). This unparalleled forgiving love was something behond the Quraish people's wildest dreams or expectations. This resulted in most of the Mecca Clan embracing Islam and humblihng themselves to Mohammad and the Medinan Clan's leadership - thus establishing the foundation of substance on the National Level.
In the year following the Medinan Clan's successful entrance into Mecca, Mohammad firmly secured the foundation of substance for the National Level Restoration. This he did by receiving representatives from surrounding clans and absorbing them into the newly rorming Islamic nation. A few larger tribes were subjugated with force when they tried to block the forming of this nation centered on God.

Also during this period many governing principles were revealed to integrate and unify these many different clans into one strong, God-serving nation.Thus, after three 7-year courses (21 years), Prophet Mohammad succeeded in restoring a nation to God.

Kingdom Level Restoration
From the foundation of restoration of a nation to God, Mohammad next proceeded to spread Islam to the Kingdom Level. This he did during the last year of his life by sending representatives to surrounding nations. However, the work of uniting many nations around Islam had to be completed by the Caliphs, for the Prophet Mohammad died 1 1/2 years after beginning the Kingdom Level REstoration (of natural causes). We will study this and the rest of Islamic History parallel to Christian History, for from this time Of Mohammad till today, God has been working through two main brotherhood religions to restore the world.

Lessons Learnt From Mohammad's Course

  1. All of humkind is invited to the Kingdom of Heaven and it is up to each person to choose to follow the Prophet or not.
  2. One must be prepared to sacrifice all to go God's way of life.
  3. Victory will come to the righteous man when he has entrusted his life in humble service and complete faith to God
  4. Humankind must not just wait for Satan to attack first and then defend himself, but each person must wage an active war (Holy Jehad) within himself to remove all evil bases Satan can use to pull him away from God.
  5. God's will (the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth) is absolute and the work to accomplish such is passed from one Prophet to another until such is accomplished.
  6. We must be prepared to leave our family and loved ones if they prevent us from living a truely God-centered way of life, just as Mohammad had to flee Mecca to Medina to have the freedom to follow God's way of life.
  7. The more you love God the more you must be prepared to suffer, endure persecution and serve your accusing brother.
  8. God will forgive the greatest sinner if he humbles himself in repentance before God.
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