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Mohammad's 2nd Course of Restoration (Continuation of Clan Level)
Foundation of Substance
The foundation of substance is established by the person or people in the Cain position uniting with the leadership of the Abel position, and by the Abel position taking responsibility to help and protect the Cain position, at the sacrifice of their life. The Banu Hashim (Mecca) Tribe was in the position of Abel, while the various different Medinan tribes were in the position of Cain. Each of these tribes overcame their fallen natures (feelings of jealousy, pride, etc.) and embraced each other with love and
service. Each Ansar or Medinan Moslem took a brother emigrant(who had sacrificed his home, happiness and wealth for the sake of Islam) and placed half of his house, goods, and business concerns at the Meccan Moslems' disposal.The emigrant Moslems in turn did not take undue advantage of such offers, but continued to follow Mohammad's example of sacrifice. In this manner the followers of Mohammad successfully established the Clan Level Foundation of Substance.
The successful union of the various tribes now following Mohammad in Medina, made a condition that allowed Mohammad to flee his would-be assassins and transfer the center of God's restoration work from Mecca to Medina. Therefore, Mohammad after receiving divine revelation to migrate, left Mecca in the 13th year of his public mission.
This 3-day period restored earlier prophets' 3-day courses (Moses' 3-day course of excaping from the Pharaoh before crossing the Red Sea and Jesus 3-days in the tomb or cave).
On the particular night he was to be assassinated, he had Ali sleep in his bed, while he and Abu Bakr slipped away unnoticed. His tricking the Quraish assassins restored Satan's tricking Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The first 3 days of Mohammad's escaping Mecca, found him hiding in a cave.
Once in Medina, Mohammad proceeded to unite and strengthen the various tribes into one strong clan. This Mohammad did by teaching them the deeper aspects of Islam, by establishing civic laws and by building a mosque; tghe first place where the people could unite around the Prophet physically in prayer centered on God. The building of the mosque and it's sincere use, restored the invasion of the Jewish temple and Christian church and brought to a close the second 7-year course of Alternative Restoration (with clan level success).

Mohammad's Third Course of Restoration (national level) (624-631 AD)

Foundation of Faith
Medina proved to be a very fertile soil for Islam. The city was inhabited mostly by the tribes of Aus and hzraj. oth tribes rapidly entered the fold of Islam. Some Jewish tribes also lived in the city. The oly Prophet made a treaty of mutual help with them. There followed a short era of peace and prosperity for the Muslims in Medina. Mosques were erected, the call to prayer was regulated, and all had the freedom to follow the faith unmolested. Islam grew in power and influence day by day.

ecause of the open hearted acceptance of Islam by the Medinan tribes, what we shall call the Medinan Clan assumed the position of Abel on the clan level, after Mecca's rejection of Islam. As such, it was their responsibility to carry out a mission of love and peace by spreading Islam across the whole Arab world, under the guidance of Prophet Mohammad. The rest of the Arabian Clans existed in the Cain Position, which meant they were susposed to submit themselves to the leadership of the Medinan Clan (the purpose beihng spiritual purification through embracing Islam).

To begin the 3rd course of Mohammad's restoration work (the national level, centering on the Medinan Clan) the Medinan Clan had to establish a foundation of faith. This came in the form of a difficult test of faith; a Moslem army of only 313 (poorly equipped and ill prepared) men to fight against a Quraish army of 1,000 men (who were well armed and were riding on 300 horses and 700 camels). To the mighty Quraish, the Muslim army looked like a flock of sheep waiting to be butchered.

Inspite of overwhelming odds of defeat, the Medinan Clan kept faith in God and followed Mohammad to face a formidable oppressor. This constant faith and support of Mohammad allowed the Medinan Clan to restore the failure of the Jewish people to support Moses and later Prophet Jesus, when they were faced with a similar situation. Upon this condition of faith, God gave Divine Support and converted all the physical weakness into unconquerable strength. Thus, the small Moslem army managed to overpower and defeat the overwhelmingly mighty Quraish army and firmly establsih themselves in the Abel position.
Here in Al-i-Imran, we find God confirming His choice and support of the Median Clan in the Abel position. Further proof of the worthiness of Mohammad and his followers to be in the position closer to God is the fact that while the battle was at it's height, the Holy Prophet (with tears streaming down his eyes) was praying to God to help the helpless and wounded among the Muslims, as well as the enemy.
"Indeed there was a sign for you in the two hosts which met together in encounter; one party fighting in the way of Allah, and the other unbelieving...and Allah strengthens with His aid whom He pleases: most surely there is a lesson in this for those who have eyes to see." (Al-i-Imran 13

Principle of Creation
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- Give & Take Action
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