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Christian Final Preparation
After the reinstatement of the papcy in Rome, a period of intensive preparation for the coming of the Messianic True Parents began. This period was for 400 years (1517-1917) and restored the lost 400 year Jewish preparation period. These 400 years were something like a general review of studies right before a final examination. A person comparable to Malachi - Martin Luther began this preparation period when he ignited one of the greatest spiritual revolutions ever known in in history, the Christian Church Reformation. Because of Christian's loss of faith in the papcy and the rise of the Renaissance, this new movement of protest swept the whole continent of Europe into revolt. The Protestant Reformation was important for the Christians to understand and support the coming True Parents.

At this time the Bible (which had been read almost only by the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church) was translated into English and German and given to the common people to read. Such access to the Bible led to a deeper understanding of Jesus' teachings, caused the people to realize the teachings of the church were often far from Jesus' teachings and started a Messianic hope to become widespread amongst the masses of people. This period was also one of geat confusion and upheaval. Great suffering was endured that ignited men with a new hope for the appearance of a heavenly authority or power to deliver them from confusion and evils. The manner of suffering was different however from the suffering of the Jewish nation whose suffering was more of an outward and physical nature, where-as the suffering of the past 400 years for Christians has been an inward kind (often stemming from progressive ideological pursuits). For example during the Old Testament era the providence of God was based on the Mosaic Law which was composed of objective limitations of "do's & dont's with little emphasis given to reason and spiritual perfection. The period following Jesus however, dealth more with inner motivation. For instance Jesus taught, "Everyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery..." Thus the last 400 years have been a time when God has been judging man by his thoughts and feelings; an intense period of inner purification to remove man's basic evil natures.

Moslem Final Preparation
In a similar manner to the Christian preparation for the Messianic True Parents, (after Islam regained it's sovereignty through the rise of the Turkish Empire) a period of intensive preparation for the coming of the Messiah began. This period was also for about 400 years (1520-1920 A.D.). A person comparable to Malachi and Martin Luther (who God desire to ignite a reformation in Islam) was Suleyman, the 10th Ottoman Sultan. Suleyman, whose long reign went from 1520 to 1566, was considered the greatest Turkish ruler and was called by many "the shadow of God on Earth". During his reign he worked to unify the division between the Shi'ite Muslems and the Sunni Moslems around the original, core principles of Islam and through such prepare all Moslems to receive the Messiah of Judgement as a One United Islamic Family. It is interesting to note that Suleyman began his long reign and intended reformation 3 years after Martin Luther began his reformation of the Christian Church in 1517 A.D.

Just like Christianity, this period also became one of great confusion and suffering in Islam. Through the slow break-up (decay) of the Turkish Empire by the infiltration of imperialistic and rationalistic concepts and through a technological, industrialization revolution in the western world that the Turkish Empire did not take part in many Moslems began to question the instruction, understanding and application of the Islamic Pinciples traditionally passed on to them. The desolation of the Turkish Empire completed itself in 1919, when the Allied army of occupation moved into Constantinople at the close of World War I. All of this has resulted in a general mood of eschatological urgency and messianic expectancy amongst the sincere Moslems and thus established a foundation in many Moslem people to understand, support and follow the Messiaic True Parents when they come.

Before the coming of Jesus, God readied the environment for the worldwide spread of Jesus' teachings through the rise and the expansion of the Roman Empire.The Roman Empire was to be the servant of Jesus for establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. In a similar manner preparation for the Messiah's world-wide work has been made through the rapid development in politics, economics, culture, science, technology and all other aspects of human endeavor. These past 400 years have seen humankind rapidly conquering the physical univers. Man can now circle the earth in just little more than an hour. In the field of communications man has made such immense development (computers, telephone, televison, radio, satellites) that it is now possible for the True Parents to reach all corners of the earth personally and simultaneously, with the deepest understanding of God's Divine Principles found in the HOly Quran and other Holy books. Also we find that a democratic political sphere (which is based on the freedom of expression and a basic belief in one God) is covering almost every corner of the earth and thus will allow the Messiah the freedom to travel around the world and unite all humankind as brothers and sisters of one huge international family without a physical army. Thus the period of the Renaissance up to recent years has served to establish an environment to make the perfection stage principles known worldwide in the shortest possible time when the Messiahic True Parents come.



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