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Christian Captivity and Return
Similary, when the papacy and church leadership refused to follow the direction indicated by dedicated monks and holy men and persisted in their corruption and distortion of Christianity, God first reprimanded them with defeat by Moslem armies during the 7 Christian Crusades to recapture the Holy Land. God's purpose in their defeat was to shock them into an understanding that they had left the Principles of Jesus and if they continued such evil practices, God would no longer support them. Sadly even the defeat of the Crusaders could not bring the Church to purify it's practice. Thus, when the papacy did not correct it's evils despite many warnings and chastisements, it was exiled into the hands of the French king into Avignon. Since the church had so often and so disastrously meddled in politics, the powerful king of France ordered the papacy and his hierarchy of leaders to move from Rome to Avignon, where he could keep his eye on or control it. For about 70 years the popes were little more than vassals of the French monarchy (1309-1377. It was a period of humiliation for the Vatican and dismay for the church as a whole. This patterned the Jewish exile.

After 70 years of papal captivity in Avignon, another pope in Rome was elected so for a time there were two popes in authority. The next years were ones of confusion with the papacy being transferred back and forth from Avignon to Rome. At one time there were even 3 popes, until at last the papacy was permanently settled in Rome. Once reinstated in Rome, the papacy gradually revived, but by that time the prestige of the papacy, the spiritual strength of the church and the unity of the Christian people had severely deteriorated. According to the patten of God's restoration history, the time was now drawing near to the final stage of preparation for the coming of the Messiah as True Parents. However, the foundation for their coming still had yet to be accomplished so God carried out an intensive preparation plan to lay the necessary foundation within the next 400 years. This plan was the Reformation of the Christian Church (1517 A.D.) which was ignited by Martin Luther, a figure comparable to Prophet Malachi.

Moslem Captivity and Return
Because the caliphs, sultans and grand-viziers paid scant attention to the Sufi and Moslem holy men's supplication to leave their materialistic ways and return to pure Islam, God's punishment was inevitable. In a similar pattern to the Assyrian destruction of the Northern Jewish Kingdom God's punishment reached the Moslems through the Mongolos' execution of the Gaghdad caliph and near total destruction of the Abbasid Kingdom (1216-1258 A.D.) and through the Christian Crusaders' attacks on the Umayyad Kingdom (1095-1291 A.D).

After the destruction of the Abbasid Kingdom, the Moslems experienced a period of political weakness, moral disorganization and religious division. In place of one empire, "Dar al-Islam", there were in fact more than a half dozen separate Moslem sultanates in Spain, Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, Persia, India and the nominal Moslem empire of the Mongol khans. Thus from a period of reduced, captive Islamic power and from the ashes of a Moslem world mauled by Frankish crusaders and devastated by Mongol cavalry, Islam again rose to power thorugh the expansion of the Ottoman Empire of the Turks. This return to political power was completed with the entering of Constantinople by Mehmed II in 1453 A.D. and through the golden age of the Turks (1453-1566 A.D.). As mentiond in the previous section the time was now drawing near to the final stage of preparation for the coming of the Mesianic True Parents and yet the Moslem world still did not have a foundation to understand or receive the Messiah. Consequently, Bod began an intensive program to reform (purify) the Moslem people. This was accomplished by Suleyman (the 10th Ottoman sultan, (1520-1566 A.D.), a figure comparable to Prophet Malachi and Martin Luther.


400 Year Period of Jewish Preparation for the Messiah
400 Year Christian Preparation for the Messianic True Parents
400 Year Moslem Preparation for the Messiah of Judgement

Jewish Final Preparation
The Jewish people after returning from the Babylonian captivity, began a 400 year period of preparation for the coming of the Messiah in Israel. Upon returning they promptly re-erected the destroyed Temple of God and under the inspiration of Prophet Malachi studied deeply their religion. This period was similar in significance to the 400 years of slavery in Egypt; a period to purify themselves through intense indemnity. Consequently, this period was one of incredible hardship as they were invaded and controlled by foreign powers time after time: Persia, Greece, Egypt, Syria and Rome. These tribulations however were valuable in that they influenced the Jewish people to abandon their hopes for an earthly, materialistic life of ease and look fowards God for relief. They longed for a mightly deliverer who would free them from their oppressors. Deep in their hearts was the feeling that, if God cared at all for them, He would act soon. The ardent hope for a supernatural deliverence from their surrering grew with an increasing flood of "Last Days" literature. All this suffering worked to prepare them to receive the Messiah, by increasing their faith in God. These new religious longings, coupled with the prophecies of Prophet Malachi concerning the coming of the Messiah caused a religious revival in the Jewish people, which resulted in a foundation of faith being established that the Messiah could come upon.




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