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400 Years of Divided Jewish Kingdom - North & South
400 Years of Divided Christian Kingdom - East & West (918-1305)
400 Years of Divided Islamic Kingdom - East & West (747-1258)

Division of Jewish Kingdom
Although King Solomon succeeded in erecting the temple, the Jewish people did not uphold faith in it and the nation of Israel became contaminated with heathen practices. Because of this invasion of Satan, God divided the Jewishy Kingdom into the Northern Kingdom of Israel (centering on 10 tribes in the position of Cain) and into the Southern Kingdom of Judah (centering on 2 tribes in the positon of Abel). Here we find God separating relative good from the invasion of evil influences, until the relative good portion can become purified and revitalized enough to return to the other portion and bring it closer to God (check page __ for a study of this process). Now following God's restoration pattern, after the Southern Kingdom gained some revitalized spiritual strength, they sent many Minor Prophets (Elijah, Jonah, Hosea, Amos) to the Northern Kingdom to awaken them from their evil ways and urge them to repent. Regretfully they refused to give up their fallen ways and even proceeded to invade the isolated Souther Kingdom with their evilness. Consequently God decided to destroy the Northern Kingdom with the Assyrain people rather than have the Abel positon corrupted.

Division of Christian Kingdom
Similar to the Jewish Kingdom, the Christian Kingdom was also divided into 2 major divisions: East Franks and West Franks. This took place because of political disputes of Emperor Charlemagne's grandsons. Also at this time the Christian Church became divided into - the Eastern Orthodox Church and The Roman Catholic Church. This took place because of disputes over the application of Jesus' teachings and the method of worship. The Roman Catholic Church worked closely with the East Frankish Empire (later to become Germany) during this time. The Roman Catholic Church (papcy) was in the position of Abel at this point.

With the papcy holding such power, it was an opportune time for Christianity to spread it's ideals and ethics. If the papcy had remained righteous and acted according to the Will of God during it's zenith of power, Christendom would have been very close to a tangible realization of God's ideal kingdom at that time. However often the papcy abused it's power for personal, political and economic gain. This caused Christianity and the papcy to wander far from being the true channels of God's Will and thus as fast as the papcy had ascended, it now began to descend. As when the Jewish people became corrupted during the United Jewish Kingdom and God sent prophets into their midst as means of awakening them from their sinful ways, God also tried to persuade the papcy to leave their corrupted ways through warning s from holy men (monks) like Saint Francis of Assisi. However, the papcy turned a deaf ear to the cries of these holy reformers and continued their evil ways. God thereafter used military defeats by Moslem armies to punish the papcy and reveal to the common people that God was no longer working through the papcy and the corrupted church leadership.

Division of the United Islamic Kingdom
A similar pattern fefell the United Islamic Kingdom. In 747 A.D. the Abbasids, who claimed descent from an uncle of Mohammad (al-Abbas), openly revolted against their cousins the Umayyad Caliphs, which consequently divided the Islamic Kingdom.

The Umayyad rulers had been widely criticized for their luxurious life-style, their Epicurean Morality (gross sensualism) and their merely nominal piety. Gollowing the pattern of Jerobeam (the disaffected court official) and Abijah (the prophet that led the opposition to Solomon's son), ambitious Arab generals and critical Moslem religious spokesmen mounted opposition to the Umayyads. The Abbasid rebels were resourceful, cunning and often ruthless in getting what they wanted. Civil war broke out in many places and blood was shed profusely. The Abbasids won the throne with a sword and remained in power because of the beheadings carried out by their executioners. For 500 years (747-1258) the Abbasid Caliphs ruled the Middle East.

During the time the Abbasids were attacking the Umayyads, a member of the Umayyad royal family escaped to Spain and established a new caliphate there which lasted until 1492 A.D. During this time both the Abbasid dynasty and the Umayyad dynasty flourished economically, ikntellectually and politically, but the both declined spiritually. God thereupon sent many holy Islamic Men (sufis) to urge them to repent and leave their materialistic, selfish ways for face divine retribution. Unfortunately they didn't listen and God eventually punished and destroyed the caliphs and the Islamic Kingdom through attacking armies.

Captivity of the Jewish People and Their Return
Capitivity of the Papacy and It's Return (1305-1515)
Destruction of Caliphate and It's Return to Power (1258-1520)


Jewish Captivity and Return
Because the Jewish people worshiped idols, did not follow the laws revealed by Prophet Moses and allowed many other practices which were evil in God's eyes, God sent many minor prophets to awaken them to the true way of life. However since Jewish people failed to heed the entreaties of these holy men, God allowed the destruction of the Northern Jewish Kingdom with attacking Assyrians and the educated portion of the Southern Jewish Kingdom taken captive and brought to Babylon for over 70 years.

At the end of 70 years of exile in Babylon, Cyrus of Persia conquered Babylonia and permitted the Jewish people to return to Palestine. This return was accomplished in 3 states over a period of 140 years. Thus, from the beginning of their exile to the end or their return, 210 years elapsed. Once tehy actually returned to their land, they actively began to set up a nation centered on one God (under the fuidance of Prophet Malachi) and prepare to receive the True Parents.



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