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The Renaissance and the 400 Year Preparation
for the True Parents

First Religious Reformation-------Second Religious Reformation------Third Religious Reformation

The 400 years after Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses in 1517 or after the beginning of Sultan Suleyman's glorious reign in 1520, marked the beginning of the final period of preparation for the coming of the True Parents. Dulring this time God worked intensely to prepare the world environment to support the coming of the True Parents and the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This preparation took place in three main areas" religious or ideological, political and economical. Christianity and the Wester Hemisphere were the focal point of this development.

Since Prophet Mohammad, God's restoration work has been developing through two main religious movements, Islam and Christianity. Shortly after their beginning both of these religions were invaded by Satanic forces and thus blocked from establish a pure foundation for God's Kingdom to be established. Because of this they both have been undergoing a history of God's purification work although the method of this work and consequent historic development have been different. The reason for this comes from the basic difference between Islam and Christianity.

In Islam through the Holy Quran and Hadiths, God revealed precise instructive details on how to live the ideal spiritual life in all aspects o human individual and collective daily life, including religious, political and economical. This means it was not necessary for God to provide further instructions or additions to the Quran and ...., but it was only necessary for God to purify and deepen the thinking of the Moslem people. Because of this the Moslems had to endure 400 years of suffering by oppression.

Christianity however, did not receive such details on how to setup and maintain the ideal form of religious, political or economical instutions. Because the Jewish people rejected Jesus and did not listen, Jesus only had the opportunity to speak about the beauty of the ideal world and the qualifications one must have to live in such, but he did not have the chance to reveal and establish the actual governing systems. Consequently, it was necessary for God to prepare the Christian Culture not only through God's purification methods, but also to pregressively reveal and establish the ideal form of each system that the True Parents would speak about and actually establish. Through this preparation the Christians and Moslems would both have the capacity to recognise and gollow the 2nd coming of Adam and Eve whose identity would become clear as they spoke and actually established God ideal systems of life across the world. Thus we find the development of religion, politics and economics in the Christian world has been towards that which is called for in the Islamic Holy Books. Let us then begin this section by tracing from the time of the Renaissance up to today God's preparation of the Christian Culture to understand and accept a completely God-centered form of Religious, Political and Economic Life or Culture.



Philosophy & Religion - The Development of the Perfection Stage Ideology
When the medievil feudal society failed to carry out the work of establishing a foundation to receive the True Parents, God used the Renaissance to give history a new direction. As a result of the Christian Crusades, Westerners became esposed to the Eastern Cultures. Trading of material and different ways of life between these two cultures began when the Crusaders returned to Europe with many ancient literary masterpieces and Oriental customs. The rise of commercial towns after the collapse of the feudal system brought in a completely new pattern of life. With the fall of Constantinople (15th century) many scholars fled to Italy and brought with them art and literature in the original Latin or Greek. This influx inspired a revival of classical learning which gave birth to the movement known as the Renaissance.


Principle of Creation
- Co-Creatorship
- Dual Characteristics
- Universal Prime Force
- Give & Take Action
- 4 Position Foundation
- Three Blessings
- 3Stages of Growth
- InvisibleSubstantialWorld

Root of Evil

Messiah’s Purpose

Last Days


Restoration Principles


Second Coming




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